Tina 2

I’d like to take this opportunity to shamelessly give Tina Fey full credit for igniting the initial spark that led to the creation of this blog.

Thaaaanks, Tina. 

A little back story: I started reading (see also: listening to Tina Fey narrate) her (audio)book Bossypants just after Christmas last year, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Were there parts that made me do my creepy silent shaky laugh by myself in my car? Yes. Many. Did I learn some valuable lessons, including Tina’s Twelve Tenants for Looking Amazing Forever and how not to blow an interview with Lorne Michaels? Absolutely. But above all that, I was struck by the strength and authenticity of her voice.

Tina Fey is smart, talented, and empowered, and she’s not sorry about it.

I finished the book and basked in the glow of my new girlcrush on Tina. Setting her dry, brilliantly crafted humor aside, I was falling over myself with admiration for how self-aware and strong she is, how comfortable she is in her own skin, and how both of these things are the result of experiences, opportunities and decisions she unapologetically made for herself.

Being a 20-something woman myself who can feel her identity starting to almost tangibly take shape, this concept strikes a real chord with me. In this way, Tina is a shining example of the kind of woman I can only hope I’m slowly becoming.


There are things about me that are still taking shape, and then there are things I’ve known about myself for a long time:

Crafting is my therapy, and I physically cannot stop myself from giving gifts that are personal, handmade, or have an otherwise Martha Stewart-like touch; I believe that people and art belong together, that we are wired to create things; I may never be the spontaneous type, but I also won’t shy away from making a bold choice as soon as I’m convinced it’s the right one for me.

These may all seem like disconnected nuggets, but low and behold, there’s a through line…

I make my own gifts.
I make my own creations.
I make my own decisions.
I make my own mistakes.

And with these truths, a blog was born.

I’m so excited to use this, my tiny corner of the internet, not only to share with you my crafty creations, but to invite you along as I fumble my way through my twenties and try to figure it all out. It might not always be the smoothest ride, but I’m tickled to have you here with me.

Are you with me?

Glad to hear it.