Guys. I’m super excited.

In a few months, I’ll be packing up and leaving the burbs and heading much, much closer to the city – my favorite city! My love affair with Washington, DC goes back to the fall of 2009 when I was a wee intern living in Dupont (I know… I don’t even want to talk about it) and I feel it’s only appropriate that I’m finally going to be close enough to blow DC kisses from my backyard.

Too-da-loo to the boonies… and hello, Arlington.

The only thing arguably more exciting that my imminent change in locale is… drumroll… decorating the new place. (Are anyone’s eyes lighting up yet? Just me?)

A while back I stumbled across this post from the Fieldstone Hill blog about identifying your own signature style and using it to overcome decorating paralysis. It’s like she read my mind. In this post, on top of sharing her own signature style board and an awesome tutorial on how to create our your own, Darlene ever-so poignantly points out the following:

Knowing your signature style comes from several years of repeatedly choosing what you love.

The things we love, the things we gravitate towards time and time again, and the things we choose to surround ourselves with are our signature style, collectively. I followed Darlene’s tutorial, mostly because I physically couldn’t stop myself, and created my own board. I have to tell you… I’m sort of obsessed with it:

My Signature Style Board

Really though – creating your own signature style board is super fun! And even more than that, I’m already staring at it constantly and using it as a source of inspiraton as all kinds of ideas swirl around in my head when it comes to decorating my new digs. I want this place to feel like me, and me is exactly what this board captures.

What does your signature style look like? I’d love to see your boards!