How Do Your Record Your Memories?

As a little girl, I remember adoringly watching my mom as she scrapbooked on summer afternoons. (That aggressive red squiggly underline is trying to tell me that ‘scrapbooked’ is not a word. Overruled, squiggles! It is now.)

She’d spend hours riffling through family photos, meticulously cutting paper, digging for the perfect sticker, adding bits of her beautiful loopy handwriting to tie the page together… and it made me desperate to turn my own memories into something so lovely and special. I am so the ‘apple’ to her crafty ‘tree’.

Recording memories in a thoughtful, artistic way is something I wish I had more time to do. Would I love to be able to flip through colorful, handcrafted books filled with sentimental photos and memorabilia? OF COURSE! But with a job, a growing social life, and ten years’ worth of photos waiting to be craftified… who has that kind of time!?

Thankfully, scrapbooking seems to be evolving to match the busy-busy-go-go-go lifestyle we all know so well. Project Life by Becky Higgins and K&C Company SMASH are two products lines I found and like in theory, though I haven’t tried either one. Each is designed to simplify and expedite the scrapbooking process.

Personally, I’d love to get back into a routine of artistically documenting my life as it’s happening, but I hesitate to commit to buying products and getting started until I’m convinced I’ve found a system that’s convenient and time-friendly enough for me. At this moment, Project Life seems like the strongest candidate in my book – it provides some structure (a must for me), encourages a balance of pictures with journaling, and allows for a pretty, uncluttered aesthetic.

How do you record your memories? Do your use Project Life or SMASH Products? A combination? Something else entirely? I’m dying to hear your feedback and get inspired!