I’m not even sorry about how excited I am to spend most of tomorrow getting lost in IKEA®. As I tweeted yesterday, I feel like this little guy. (Remember him?? He kills me.)

I haven’t yet come down from my we’re-leaving-the-burbs high, and it feels great. Endless decorating ideas and brainstorming nuggets are a-swirling in my brain like an unstoppable force. This is usually the part where I get totally overwhelmed before I even arrive at the store, leave empty handed, and then drown my ironic sorrows with a glass of prosecco and some 30 Rock.

But not this time.

This time, I’m prepared. I’m staying focused, keeping my eye on the prize, and reminding myself that it’s ok to swipe that plastic and make some big moves, should I find a killer loveseat or the perfect vase.

In an effort to reel in the creativity and keep myself on track, I’ve made myself a mood board with my future living room in mind. Cheery and crisp and lovely, no? I’m a big fan, myself.



As you can see, I’m gravitating toward a palette of coral, sea foam, yellow, grey… maybe some navy thrown in there… and bright whites keep the lightness. I’m really excited to see what IKEA has to offer me tomorrow that’s in-theme with my new decor ideas! And of course, if I leave with any good finds tomorrow, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

How do you stay focused in the midst of your home decorating project? Do you get easily overwhelmed? How do you prioritize? Please, share your wisdom!