It’s the night before IKEA
I can’t hardly wait!
For 99 cent breakfast,
We must leave by 8.

The drive will be long
But worth every minute
To get lost in utopia &
The labyrinth within it.

But where to begin?
The kitchens? The bedding?
Navigating the showrooms
Is one task I’m dreading.

I’ve got to stay focused –
My list be my guide,
I’ve no need for a FLÖRT!
BJÖRKENS, step aside!

I’ll tackle my list
So quickly, it’s scary
With spare time for meatballs
And strange lingonberry.

We’ll breeze through the self-serve
And race to the checkout,
Grab some frozen yogurt
And then get the heck out.

Ah yes, the instructions
Without one single letter…
At least other languages
Will fare no better.

And each time I leave
We part with such sorrow…
If I had it my way,
I’d be back tomorrow.