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About Em

Meet Michelle

Thank you, first of all, for joining me in my teeny corner of the internet! I’m Michelle (the “Em” in the title is the phonetic spelling of the letter M, for Michelle … see what I did there?) and I’m here because I’m finding this whole ‘fumbling through my twenties and figuring it all out’ thing fun, challenging, and empowering — and what better way to channel those feelings than share them with you?

I believe strongly in the importance of DIYing, the fulfillment that comes with blazing my own trail, the responsibility I have to create my own happiness, and the beauty of all things handmade. This blog serves as my platform – my blogtastic soapbox – for sharing these things I hold so dearly with you, my readers. Recurring characters may include (but are not limited to) my Manfriend, who I’ve loved dearly for almost 4 years now, and his little year-and-a-half-old fluffball named Penny who I just can’t get enough of.

For more on the blog and how it all got started, my first post paints a pretty clear picture.

The nuts and bolts about me:

[*] I’m a Californian living in the Nation’s Capitol who still reaches for a blanket (see also: Snuggie) every time it drops below 65.

[*] Ballet was the center of my universe growing up, and it led me to a career in the arts that is accidentally turning out to be a perfect fit for me.

[*] I make things, and making things for the people I love is my favorite thing. It’s a hobby, bordering on a habit, bordering on an addiction. Handwritten letters, homemade cards, scrapbook paper, personalized gifts, and swoon-worthy handwriting all hold a special place in my heart.

[*] I’ve been in a relationship with my Manfriend for about 4 years now…and let me tell you, it’s a quirky one. We’re big weirdos, and we write our own rules in a lot of ways, which I really love. But it’s not always easy. The ongoing challenge of learning to engineer the relationship in a way that’s both fair to him and fulfilling for me will continue to be a source of material for this blog. Mark my words, kiddos.

[*] Things I love include, but are not limited to: coffee, bows, mac-n-cheese straight out of the blue box (not sorry), 30 Rock, pearls, ballpoint pens that don’t get gloppy, college football, Prosecco, seeing the person in the car next to me mouthing the words to the same song I’m listening to on the radio (seriously, I die), changing lanes without hitting the bumpy things, stripes, new projects, and Diet Coke.

Feel free to contact me at emmakesherown [at] gmail [dot] com … I’d love to hear from you!


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